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Even engineers can make money


Mr. Howard Hyden

4 Sessions

Business Sessions 1 & 2:

Target audience - Project Engineers

"I'm an engineer, not a sales person"

Presented by Howard Hyden

· What does it mean to be truly customer focused?

· Am I doing it my way, or the customers' way?   

· Does my company create more value than our competition?  Do I?   

· If my company and I do create more value, how do we communicate that? 

· I work for the architect and a fixed fee, so how can I possibly afford to add extra value?

· How do I cope with and indifferent manager or company?   

· Am I the one who is indifferent? 

· How do I get ahead in my company?

Business Sessions 3 & 4:

Target audience - Principals and Managers

Changing – “This is the way its always been"

Presented by Howard Hyden

· Is my team customer focused?  How do I know?

· Can customer focus improve our profitability?  How?

· Do my people actually give the client what they want?  Or do we just give the customer the same thing we gave them last time?

· We've got lots of good ideas that never get implemented.  What's the best way to get it going?

· It always seems that everyone’s got something to complain about.  How do we get rid of that?

· How do we get over 'we've always done it this same way'?

· What is the value to training in employee retention and company performance?  I already train – how much is enough?

· Feedback - do you really know what your customers think of you?

· Breaking down indifference in your organization - where do I start?

· My architect sells the building, carves out mechanical space, and auctions off the mechanical design to the lowest bidder.  All I can do now is compete on price.  Can I change this dynamic?

· Feedback – do I tell my employees how they are performing?  How do they know what I want if I don’t tell them?